Let me start by saying that I don’ like the title of this blog and I do not like the words ‘fat’ or ‘lazy’, through there was a strategy for the title and I’ll explain this at the end. Having worked with teams and individuals around the world in recent years I’ve discovered many patterns and fundamental truths that stops us all from discovering our ‘sweet spot’ or uncovering our identity and purpose.

The ones that are the most successful, financially free, most fulfilled and the happiest, have gotten rid of 5 things. They no longer are dictated by these below ingredients that when mixed together ensures that you will end up fat and lazy.

1. Strategically Self Sabotage

“I plan to fail. I don’t want to disappoint myself and prove to me that I am a failure so I don’t even try. Maybe because I’m scared of what people think of me, or maybe it’s because I have so many limiting beliefs and stories that I have told to myself for too long that maybe I believe that I am fat and ugly. And nothing in this world will change that so why should I even try. Maybe no one really does love me”

2. Mastered Procrastination

“I know I should do it, but I think I’ll do it tomorrow. There are so many things that I have to get done but no one is going to die if I don’t get it done so I’ll write a list and slowly get it done over the next few months…. Where did I put that list? Sometimes I even procrastinate about procrastination. Maybe one day, just one day someone will walk up to my front door and hand my success to me on a platter. I’ll wait for the phone to call me when I win tattslotto.”

3. Always Delusional

“I create drama and distract myself from the actual truths of my situations. I don’t really like looking in the mirror. Maybe I’m just big boned. I wonder if I ate well today and went to the gym today that all my dreams will come true tomorrow? I know the answers to every problem on the planet, just ask me! Just one more TV show and then one more game and then I’ll get up”

4. Your Proximity Sux

“My friend told me the other day that when he wins lotto we will get a gym membership and then travel the world, he told me this last night when we were stoned. Me and my mates are going to KFC for the 4thtime today, want to come? I know, lets all have a sickie tomorrow and go to the strip joint. My friends are the best, they never expect to much of me, accept me for who I am and let me borrow money any time I like.”

5. Common Sense Is Not Common

“I’m starting my 14th diet program this week. I think this is the one. Sooooo excited. I don’t understand why my boss gave me a warning; just because it was a few days late, I still got it to him. Cannot understand why I did not get the gig, I worked half-hour on that proposal. Why can’t people see it from my point of view, everyone is just so self-centered. I’m having the rest of the week off because I stubbed my toe, not bleeding but I can’t think with all the pain. “

These reasons are very over-exaggerated but I’m trying to make the point that we can create ‘reasonable’ for everything. Whether excuses or just basic complaining, what separates the high performers from the crowd is that they know that they are not fat and lazy. They have a self-belief about themselves. A confidence and competence that oozes out each day and the desire to get things done with no excuses or complaining.

Being fat and lazy is a mindset, that all. It’s how we view ourselves first. Why not try to look in the mirror and say:

“ I am confident, competent and intelligent.  I am beautiful, sexy and wonderful. LOOK OUT WORLD, HERE I COME”

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