Everyone goes through transition and it’s this transition that proves our resilience, intrinsic motivation and formulates why we exist. Research tells us that when we are in transition many focus on WHAT we need to do and HOW we need to achieve it. We tend to focus our attention firstly to the process, system or strategy of the transition. Yet research tells us that the most successful transitions are those that focus on the ‘soft’ factors first. These are mindset, purpose & attitude, which is our emotional and social psychological intelligence.

Having worked with many people and teams through transition, one stands out. His name was Daniel (not his real name for privacy) and he had just been fired from his job after working for 9 years for the same blue-chip company. He was a manager and it was devastating for his young family of 2 kids and their mortgage. After being knocked back for 4 jobs in the first 3 weeks he was hit with a debilitating and defeated psychology, which the doctors labeled as ‘depression’.

Whether you are part of a drastic team transition, a corporate merger or you are an individual that is going through a transition; below is a proven methodology of the most successful transitions and when applied will be the pathway to an outstanding outcome.

1. Involvement and Engagement:

Dreaming the dream of the future and understanding our identity formula through transition is paramount.

It starts with our state. Shifting our psychology into a mindset that has GRIT, DETERMINATION and DRIVE will ensure that wherever we are heading, we will do everything in our power to get us there.

2. Shared Vision

Expanding the vision from mine to ours gives it life and accountability.

Proximity is power. Firstly get your partner on board with the new direction and get their buy-in. COMMUNICATE your vision with your close proximity and successful people or mentors that you admire. Do your DUE DILIGENCE in communication and collaboration where applicable and get the right advice.

3. Analysis

Evaluating your current reality to then ensure it aligns with your strategy.

Where focus goes energy flows. We can get so caught up with circumstances and symptoms, which then in turn affects our strategies and progress. Be REAL about your current reality and then develop a strategy that is in line with where you are at right now.

4. Action & Implementation

Fast-tracking the process by building momentum and creating ownership

There is no room for procrastination. Being OPTIMISTIC and purposefully building ANTICIPATION about the positive outcomes for the future will be a driving force in action and implementation.  There is no time for hesitation, now is the time for action.

5. Maintenance

Staying the course with focused direction putting energy into new identity

Don’t get distracted from the core focus. This is when ‘STUFF’ will attack the direction and leadership and we might find it easy to compromise. This is where we MUST dig our heels in and stay the course. Don’t compromise on the vision and values, don’t focus on plan B as it distracts from plan A.

6. Evaluate

Renewal by re-evaluating and re-creation.

What are the effective measures and what worked and did not work? Are the outcomes what we thought they could have been? What is possible moving forward? What are the goals, objectives or activities that need to change in order to ensure a positive future? What needs to be re-created or what needs to be scrapped?

Daniel applied each of these steps in his rehabilitation and today he has created a life of financial freedom and success beyond his wildest dreams. He speaks about how his crisis was a blessing in disguise and it was the best thing that happened to him. He runs a successful company and only works when he wants to.

This is a proven formula and system that can help anyone that is going through a transition, or a merger or acquisition. Whether it’s in our personal lives or professional lives, these 6 Masterful Ways to become Outstanding through Transition will help you on your road to success and financial freedom.

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