Our Premiere Bootcamp is strategically designed as a complete immersive experience over 3 consecutive days. Through experiential learning, these transformative Bootcamps will challenge your thinking and activate you towards what is possible. This 3 day journey will enable you to master your ability to communicate for influence.


Executives trained in non-verbal tactics saw their leadership ratings rise by 60%.

Source: Harvard Business Review

The clearest presenters are perceived to be 18% more likeable than the average speaker.

Source: Quantified Communications
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Only 1 of 10 people who have public speaking fear seek professional help to become more confident and effective

Source: Credit Donkey

Even just a 10% increase in vocal variety can have a highly significant impact on your audience’s attention to and retention of your message.

Source: Stanford Businesss

Sam Cawthorn CEO of Speakers Institute

You could be a professional who wants to speak at your industry conferences and events, a thought leader or an expert who is wanting to position themselves as an authority in their field or someone in transition who has a powerful story that needs to be told - and wants to move from one-to-one to one-to-many. Whichever category you fit in to, our programs can help.

What does it take to master communication?

Our 3 day Premiere Bootcamp combines experiential and transformative learning within an immersive environment. It is designed to give participants an understanding of the speaking industry and what it takes to be a master communicator whilst providing practical tips on how to create, design and architect their own speaking business.

What sets us apart?

  • Coached, Mentored & Trained
  • Speak On Stage
  • Platform Tips & Tricks
  • Master Non-Verbal Intelligence
  • Never Be Underpaid, Undervalued & Under Recognised
  • Pre-Bootcamp & Post-Bootcamp Masterclass
  • Professional Profile Picture Photoshoot
  • Strengths Assessment & Training
  • Comprehensive Workbook & Certificate
  • Ultimate Toolbox Speaking Mastery