Q&A and an opportunity to reach millions After so many questions from friends & family, clients, relationships and fellow colleagues, I wanted to share with you how I reach millions (and make millions), and how you can get the opportunity to be personally coached, travel the world with me and become my protégé.

Question: Sam, why are you now training speakers?

Answer: It’s been an extraordinary journey: from growing up on a farm in Tasmania; marrying my high school girlfriend; getting kicked out of school; having 3 children; pronounced dead in a car accident; losing my best friend and younger brother; and today being a super-successful international speaker (well, that’s what they call me anyway) as well as an international best-selling author & philanthropist reaching over 25 million people.

People have asked me how did I do it in such a short period of time and how they can do it too. So due to high demand from people just like you, I’m finally sharing a successful proven formula that anyone and everyone can use. Click here to learn more.

Question: What if you know you have a great message but don’t know where to start?

Answer: A great question, I’m glad you asked. Simon Sinek said that it’s starts with WHY (Simon’s TED Talk rocks, watch it if you can). He argues that it’s not about WHAT we do, nor HOW we do it, but demonstrates that it’s more about WHY we do it. This is where our intrinsic motivation is birthed.

So ask yourself these three questions: Why me? Why this? Why now?

These are 3 questions that will help you to get clarity and develop an inner drive on why this message MUST be heard.

I’ve worked with many people that had awesome messages but lacked the clarity and inner drive on how to get this message out.

They thought that their ideas will somehow take off by themselves and thus approached things weakly.

Just coming up with a message is not enough. It will never be enough.

If you do not have the right tools and strategies to get this message out and get the high-paying speaking engagements, the idea will simply sit on your desk or inside your head and go nowhere.

Learning the right tools and strategies to get your message out can be difficult if you do not have the right experts to teach you.

This is where I can help you to get your message out.

Through years of speaking around the word, learning from the best in the world, spending over $245,000 in learning the craft and the industry, I believe I’ve developed the best ‘fast-tracked’ system to help people like you get your message out.

Question: How can someone get rid of fears and own their unique message?

Answer: Firstly, let me say that everyone has fears.

Fears of failure, fears of whether they are worthy, fears of charging too much, fears of what people might say, fears of insecurity, fears that their message is not good enough, fears of public speaking, and even fears of earning too much money and the fear of being known.

This fear is a negative mindset that has been stopping you for way too long. It’s a limiting belief and a disempowering story that does not serve you.

It’s now your time to shine and show the rest of the world that you have got value, that you have a message worth talking about.

I want to show you 3 easy shifts to conquer that fear instantly and begin to live a purposeful, fulfilling life, adding value to thousands of people, and being in the top 1% of income earners in the world.

These are:

1. Shift your physiology.

2. Shift your intentionality.

3. Shift your terminology.

Question: Can anyone write a successful book, be a global professional keynote speaker and reach millions of people?

Answer: No, they can’t.

Writing a book is very difficult unless you learn the system that fast-tracks you as an author.

Being a global professional speaker that speaks to thousands of people each day while getting paid the big bucks, is also extremely difficult unless you know the strategies to get you there.

My first published book took me about 4 hours to write.

Yes, you heard me right: It took me 4 hours to do, and I outsourced the rest.

It was still all my content, all my stories and all my ideas and messaging, but I didn’t actually write it. I recorded my voice for over 3hours. Then outsourced the rest. The outcome of this book can be found on Amazon here.

The most rewarding thing about being an international best-selling author and a respected global keynote speaker, is that you get messages every day from people saying that you have changed their life and contributed to their success.

It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you’ve made a difference in peoples lives while getting paid well for it.

This is the reason why I’m sharing the tools, strategies and systems I’ve used in a live event in a city near you.

It’s called “CELEBRITY AUTHORITY: How to be Rich, Famous and Make a Difference in Any Industry“, and this is your chance to claim your free ticket to my signature event.

You know it’s your time to shine, your time to make a difference, your time to get your message out in a larger way and your time to take control of your finances and future.

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