Speakers Institute’s Qualified Coaches can assist you with all areas of your presentation - from wordsmithing, to stagecraft, starting with a ‘big bang’ to ending with a standing ovation - we will provide the feedback you need to ensure you deliver your best ever presentation.

Our Coaches and Mentors take pride in helping you build the confidence and certainty you need to feel great on stage. Enquire today and together, let’s ensure that your next presentation is one that you are proud of.

how it works:

Coaching sessions are 2x90 minutes, they are 1:1 sessions in our head office or on a video conferencing platform. (You can invest in more than 1 session)

Contact us to discuss your coaching requirements

Choose your focus area:
Story & Key Message
IP Model & Visual Framework
Presentation & Story Feedback
Using Slides & Holistic Presentation

A pre questionnaire is provided and a post report included


Our 1:1 Coaching Sessions are tailored specifically to your needs. Some popular coaching topics include:

  • Strengths Coaching
  • Belief Change Session
  • "The Art of the Start" first impressions
  • Slide & AV tips and tricks
  • Storytelling connecting hearts and minds
  • Humour and Charisma
  • Confidence & Certainty

All our coaches are highly skilled to inspire rapid learning and will coach and mentor you towards presentation and communication success.