Throughout years of looking at the most successful company turnarounds, we’ve discovered that the elite achievers, and high performers will avoid certain things each day. Too often we look at the characteristics of the successful teams or individuals, though research shows we need to look at what they avoid and the common mistakes that we all make which bring negative results.

Here are 8 things the elite avoid that ensure they become successful – both personally and professionally.

1. Be dictated by the past

Elite achievers do not dwell on the past as they realise that the past does not equal the future. In a recent meeting with a coaching client, we identified that the main reason why she was not seeing the results that she anticipated was that she had not dealt with insecurities and previous failures of her past. When we identify old patterns, we disrupt them and created new ones. This particular client now has seen phenomenal results in profits and productivity which she credits to getting rid of past limiting beliefs.

2. Try to please others

Too often we are so worried about what people think of us that we miss out on growth and progress opportunities. The elite achievers have conditioned themselves to have a powerful end goal and desired outcome eliminating the need for approval from others.

3. Using words like: everything, always and never

This is negative explanatory style and people that operate in this sphere believe that problems are permanent. Avoid at all costs.

4. Procrastination

There is a clear definition between hesitation towards an idea and just simply procrastinating doing something that requires action. Whether personal or professional, procrastination leads to all sorts of trouble.

5. Waste time and energy on things they can’t control

When disaster or adversity happens that is not within our control, many get bitter or angry about the circumstance, which consumes any thought process to overcome it. Or maybe it’s focusing on symptoms rather than cause and time and energy is wasted due to irresponsible direction & focus.

6. Fear of image and others opinion

A huge consumption of energy is consumed by worrying about what other people think of you. The elite achievers realise that sometimes people will hate you rate you and shake you but it is what you are really made of that will make you.

7. Feeling sorry for themselves

We all make mistakes yet some will wallow in the doom and gloom and not overcome. The true measure of success is how one Bounces Forward after hitting rock bottom.

8. Scared of change

Change is happening more rapidly today than any other time in history. Being flexible and having the agility and resilience to navigate change successfully is what the elite do daily.

Elite high performers are the backbone of any team and successful company. Understanding their psychology and patterns to help and assist them to develop and stay engaged is an area most managers fail to achieve.

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