Radio Interview By Shelley Spencer

Arise Summit organiser Sam Cawthorn said the day was a not-for-profit event for teaching young people financial success.

Ways to empower the entrepreneurs of tomorrow were explored at the Arise Summit at Launceston’s Tram Sheds yesterday.

People aged between 19 and 29 were invited to the summit to listen and be inspired by the guest speakers who were already young, successful Tasmanian entrepreneurs.

Arise Summit organiser Sam Cawthorn said the aim of the day was to give people skills needed to acquire wealth and be financially free.

“Today was unique because we went outside the normal format of conferences and summits by interviewing each speaker on stage,” Mr Cawthorn said.

“We asked them questions about how they did it and what were their secrets.”

Mr Cawthorn said the interactive environment at the summit proved successful.

“Our aim was that attendees would be empowered to achieve their dreams,” Mr Cawthorn said.

The summit focused on issues like how to overcome failure and continue to move forward.

Each speaker shared their personal experiences.

“It’s about sharing where we were, where we’ve come and where we’re going,” Mr Cawthorn said.

Guest speaker Danny Gibson spoke of having a heart for the community and not only being successful but sharing that success.

“If you have been successful with money or skills how can you impart some of that knowledge within the community?”  Mr Gibson asked.

“I lead my life hopefully as an example to others by giving back to the community, by going to India and working in an orphanage, having a dream school and teaching and being on boards and committees to help with fund-raising.”

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