Every successful international speaker/info-preneur/online marketer has learnt 3 things that has set them apart from the rest of the noise within the self-help thought leadership market.

These 3 irrefutable laws have surfaced time and time again when successful speakers and thought leaders are interviewed. These may have been communicated in other ways in the past, but today we have distilled it into 3 easy laws that when applied will ensure you begin to see the possibility to becoming an Authority in your niche industry.

  1. Authority Positioning

Successful thought leaders are very strategic with how they position themselves in the marketplace. They know who their market is, know the pain point of their target market, and position themselves accordingly.

Knowing your positioning is one of the most powerful tools in getting your message out. There is more noise today in your space than any other time in history, so it’s imperative to have clarity on your differentiating value proposition.

Why are you different from everyone else and all the other noise in your industry and space? What is your disruption from what everyone else is saying?

Once clarity is established within your niche positioning, you must communicate on mission, and stay focused on your disruption and differentiating value propositioning. Communicate through free resources, blogs, social media, reports, ebooks, etc. Communicate with evidence that backs up your ideology which ensures that you become the authority around this disruption.

My disruption was ‘Bouncing Forward, rather than bouncing back.’ What is yours and how are you being heard amidst all the noise?

  1. Authority Platform

The most booked and highly-paid thought leaders have become masters of their platform. Whether your platform is one-to-one in coaching, writing or mentoring, or your platform is speaking, facilitating, training or video marketing, you MUST learn to master your platform.

Many have heard of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Michael Grinder, brother of John Grinder (the co-founder of NLP), has been the best coach I have found in the world in teaching the non-verbals and gestures of communication.

Whether you are a natural communicator or you’ve been told that you are amazing on the stage, there is always room to improve and get better. An Olympian may know more than the coach, but the coach keeps them accountable, focused and polished. Constant and never-ending improvement in stagecraft is imperative to ensure that your methodology is masterful.

Authorities that have mastered their platform create extraordinary atmospheres of transformation and long-term impact. There is nothing better being in a room with a master of the stage, they move us and disrupt our thinking, get us emotionally connected, and leave an impression never to be forgotten. GET BETTER!

  1. Authority Packaging

Thought leaders know how to maximize their content and IP (Intellectual Property), and create residual income while they sleep. They have learnt ways to get their message out to huge global audiences without necessarily any live face-to-face encounters.

As you develop your message and content, create a video program, eLearning curriculum or evergreen training program that you can leverage long term. By setting up these initiatives once, you can then sell them through internet marketing principles, or sell on your website or at the back of the room after an engagement.

Authorities have many programs & curricula for all subjects where their expertise lies. Each program may be a blended learning experience through video, books, audio and written. They charge anywhere from $97 up to $10k+. Authorities have integrated products that have different price points ensuring everyone stays in their funnels.

A great example of an Authority is Tony Robbins who has over 26 eLearning products all at different price points and different lengths. His most popular product would be ‘Personal Power’ (I remember listening to this on cassette tape). Build long-term impact and residual income to ensure that your message can be heard even when you are sipping gin-n-tonic in Phuket.

The greatest advice that every high performer of any industry will tell you is that you MUST be on a constant and neverending improvement journey. Every successful athlete, business person, celebrity, and entrepreneur will tell you that you must continue to invest in your own personal development and get a coach.

In order for you to grow and develop into an Authority, you must get coaching advice on which of the 3 laws you need to put more attention towards.

At Celebrity Authority, we have coaches ready to give the right advice – we run free events and 3-day intensive bootcamps to boost your business and ensure that you are heading in the right direction in line with the 3 laws above. We’ve made the mistakes, and we want to ensure that you get the right advice.

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