The only unique value proposition that separates you from every single other person on the planet, is your STORY. Not even your fingerprint is unique (research tells us). No one in the entire world has your story, not a single person.

I realised everyone has a story, and this story can inspire millions. I realised this after I started sharing my story for the first time around 10 years ago. It was at this time that I started to realise that my story has value and can inspire others.

After searching for the best coaches and mentors to teach me how to show my story well, I found a number of super successful professional speakers and began to build a professional speaking business. It was learning how to tell and show my story well that changed my career path, took me around the world and how I made my millions, just by telling and showing it well.

After years of speaking and showing my story in the global corporate world, I realised that there are many others that have powerful stories and they also must learn how to tell it and show it well.

My international client, Google, then partnered with me and we launched ‘Speakers Institute’ at Googles Headquarters.

I’m now on a mission to help others get their story out into the universe, just how I’ve done it.  Today we have inspired thousands of ordinary people, just like you, how to not only tell their stories but show their stories well. 

Your story is no longer yours to own, you have gone through the experiences in your journey for a reason and a purpose. You have an expertise and a ‘natural genius’ that’s been gifted to you. This all forms part of your story.

Your story is your most valuable asset and it must be told. It’s how you have transformed yourself, how you have designed your life and how you have become the person you are today. By telling and showing your story, you can showcase your true value and inspire others through your story.

If you want to just tell your story, get on the phone and tell it, record your voice and tell it, write a book or go to the library and read it.

As speakers, on stage, we must learn how to not just tell our story, but show our story. This is where learning stage positioning in order to visually represent our story helps others in our audience to truly experience the transformation of the story.

As speakers we must allow our audience to experience our story as if they are there. Take them on your journey and inspire them from within.

There is nothing greater than seeing other peoples faces when they hear a powerful story being told well – yours. Your story must be told to inspire others.

There are thousands of people that have not been through what you have been through. They are waiting for advice and value from others, such as you, to help them get through life’s journey.

Show your story well. You’ll inspire millions, you’ll be recognised as a powerful contributor & you’ll make a lucrative living telling and showing your story all while giving value. 

Be recognized. Be valued. Be paid. Share and inspire others by showing your story. The world is waiting…

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