"The most successful speakers in the world will all say the same thing....

"Doing a speaker showcase, to the relevant people in the industry is one of the greatest ways to be known and to get your message heard by the right people."

SPEAKERS INSTITUTE SHOWCASE is an intensive one-month program ending with a 3-day Bootcamp and a Showcase in front of a room of Speaker Agents who book Speakers.

With WORLD-CLASS FEEDBACK throughout the month, hand holding with your message, slides and story, and a complete intensive Bootcamp experience that Speakers Institute is famous for, our Showcase is something only for the committed speaker.

Speakers Institute is a global group of companies which was founded in 2012. We boast a cohort of professional speaker trainers around the world dedicated to give the best training to aspiring speakers to reach their ultimate dream of highly.


  • A network of aspiring and professional speakers
  • World class training, coaching and feedback on your message
  • A 3-day Bootcamp experience that is unmatched
  • The ultimate LAUNCH PAD for your professional speaking career
  • Tips, tricks and proven business strategies that professional speakers use
  • A 5-star world class experience of showcasing your message in front of industry professionals
  • An HD Video and Professional Photos as deliverables post your Bootcamp
  • An HD Video and Professional Photos as deliverables post your Bootcamp
  • And so much more

The SPEAKERS INSTITUTE SHOWCASE is an invite only, boutique experience for a small group of aspiring speakers that want to showcase a short snippet of a developed keynote presentation. It is an 'Application Process' only.

NOTE: Speakers Institute will be looking more favourably at our Bootcamp and Protégé Graduates. There are also significant discounts available for a Speakers Institute client.

Once your application is accepted, your Program will begin. The process is as follows:

Submit a 12 minute audio snippet of your presentation
Submit a high definition headshot, bio, topic overview and / or 1-Sheet (if completed)
Our senior coaches will listen and provide feedback on your audio
Show up on time for the first day of your 3-day Bootcamp at the location allocated
Implement your feedback and video record your 12 minute presentation, filming from the waist up, and submit
Be coached, trained and mentored for the first two days of your 3-day Bootcamp, with Speakers Institute taking you through the curriculum
Our senior coaches will watch and listen and provide feedback on your video
On the third day of your 3-Day Bootcamp, Speakers Institute will have in the room book publishers, speaker bureaus, TEDx curators, speaker agents, publicists, PR agents and more, for you to showcase your 12 minute presentation in a highly professional environment
Submit your slide deck in support of your 12 minute presentation
Your presentation will be filmed and Speakers Institute will provide professionally recorded footage of your presentation
Our senior coaches will view and provide feedback on your slide deck
Each successful applicant can invite up to 5 guests to attend their Showcase

SPEAKERS INSTITUTE SHOWCASE is by application only and the application process is as follows;

  • Submit a 2-3 minute video of you presenting, highlighting your key message (not longer than 3 minutes)
  • Submit a headshot, bio and topic outline and/or a speakers 1-Sheet should you have one completed
  • You will be notified by Speakers Institute no later than 60 days prior to the upcoming Showcase experience (30 days before your 1-month program starts).

It costs $17 AUD, non refundable, to apply to the SPEAKERS INSTITUTE SHOWCASE.

If approved and accepted, the Showcase investment will be from $4,885 AUD.

Please submit applications to hello@speakersinstitute.com