We work with you to understand the context and needs of your company. We then deliver high impact workshops using practice and feedback. We will help you manage the project from start-to-end and have capabilities to help you embed the learning through our digital platforms.


57% in leadership positions said that personal, social and communication skills are more valuable than technical skills

Source: LinkedIn

70% of workers agree that Public Speaking is critical to their success at work

Source: Prezi

60% of people get turned down for a job because they don't have good enough communication skills

Source: Toastmasters

74% of people suffer from glossophobia

Source: Statistic Brain

We teach and help staff to develop more effective communications for better teamwork in the office.

Speakers Institute Corporate Training Programs are designed to help your organisation unlock the potential and improve the professional development of your employees. In today’s business world, employees need to possess a combination of technical skills and professional practical abilities, Hard and Soft Skills. Workplace communication is essential to harmony in teamwork. It helps to build and maintain relationships, and confidence in workplace communication also facilitates innovation. Employees who are comfortable voicing themselves in communications will voice new ideas at an exceptional rate.

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